A Merry Lil Christmas

Even demonically endowed humans and their demon underlings can be in a jolly good mood around Christmas.

This Christmas short unfolds in the Lil Harvest universe, set in the same timeline as the upcoming book the Apprentice Vol 1, coming out Friday the 13th.

A Merry Lil Christmas
New York, 2008
A Lil Harvest holiday short
By Meraki P. Dark

Mason sat in front of the fireplace, enjoying a cup of tea before bedtime. It was December first, and snow blanketed the grounds. The dogs loved it. Especially Mr. Colt. But Mason wasn’t feeling it. All those business contacts and no real holiday feel…

He smiled as an idea came to him. “Sam?”

Sam stepped through a shadow. “Yes, Master?”

“I need your help and secrecy.”

“Oh?” Sam strode closer, then knelt next to ass mutt to look up at Mason.

“I want to have some Christmas fun.”

“A new idea?”

“Yeah, I want to have two parties. One, the usual human one where we have all the humans over and smile formally while we pretend to be in a Christmas spirit. And one for us.”

“We always have a Christmas dinner just us, Master.” Sam lit up at Mason’s secretive smile. “An underling Christmas?”

“In Kendrick Hall, yes. And I want to be Santa.”

Ass mutt chuckled, then sat up. “Must be Bad Santa.”

Mason looked at him, able to see his grinning face as it needed rest from the puppy mask. He then booped his nose. “And you get to be Rudolph.”

“Thank you, Master!”

“Do the underlings need to know to buy Master a present?”

“No. No buying presents outside what you usually do. I’m Santa, so I’ll be bringing the presents, but the naughty ones don’t get coal in this house.” Another idea sparked, making him grin.

Sam clapped his hands.


Finally, they’d managed to clear the calendar to meet up in their finest, the underlings gaping as Mason strode into Kendrick Hall, hollering “Ho, ho, ho!

Ass mutt followed, dragging a buggy doubling as a sleigh with a big box, wrapped with a bow and everything. He looked the part with his puppy mask’s nose being red and antlers on his head.

Mason went to stand in front of the kneeling line of underlings while ass mutt stopped behind them. “Well, don’t all you underlings look nice and naughty.”

Willow sputtered laughter, while Gary gaped and popped a boner. Yeah, he knew a tight red leather suit in Santa colors would have an effect. One or the other.

“Now!” He unfurled a few pieces of paper he’d taped together and rolled up to look like parchment and written the underlings’ names on. “Let’s check that naughty list. Elise!”

She snickered as she got to her feet and went to stand in front of him.

“Have you been naughty this year?”

“As much as possible, Master.”

“Bad Santa!” he whispered loudly, then indicated to his leather attire.

She giggled—something Mason was sure he’d never heard before. “Yes, Bad Santa, I’ve been very naughty.”

“Good, girl, I mean, bad girl.” He couldn’t help but grin. “Let’s see what Bad Santa’s got for the wicked underling.” Mason turned around to have his back to the row of underlings, then bent over to showcase his posterior in tight leather while he theatrically rummaged through the bag.

He finally stood with a block of fake coal. “Aha!” He turned his upper body to look at the underlings, most grinning goofily, others looking horny. He then turned full front to Elise and handed her the lump of coal.

“Seriously, Santa?”

“Yes, but it’s from Bad Santa, so it’s magical coal. Drop it.”

She let go, and it hit the floor, not breaking like he’d intended.

“Hmm. Try again.”

She picked it up, this time tossing it a bit harder against the floor, and the material cracked open, revealing a small box. She picked it up. “Safety pins?” But she looked happy about them. “Oh, Bad Santa, I can do many naughty things with these.”

“That’s my girl.”

She went back to kneel in line, smiling at her box of safety pins.

Theatrically, Mason unfurled the naughty list again, picking the second name picked by a die to give a piece of magic coal.

A candle with a matchbook taped to the side, a set of sounds in three sizes, a small handmade whip from thin electrical cords, wooden cloth pins which he’d painted black and written numbers on with a gold marker, a hairbrush, and a grooming glove for dogs.

Those last two got him questionable looks, yet Helena quickly figured out what to do with the hairbrush as she smacked Joey’s ass with the pointy side. “I like this one, Bad Santa!” she exclaimed.

Joey, having gotten the grooming glove, pulled it on with a wickedly clever expression. He then looked at Helena, who quickly turned around for him to test it out.

“And a final present for you. Rudolph!”

Ass mutt pulled the make-shift sleigh up in front of them, and all underlings stared at the nicely wrapped present.

“That smells terrified,” Willow whispered, lust and hunger shining brightly in her black eyes.

“Underlings.” Mason threw out his arms. “No surprise there.”

She grinned at him.

“But it’s for you, so come unwrap your present.”

They got to their feet, leaving their presents where they’d sat, and unwrapped the box. They tore even the cardboard away, revealing the man that Mason had tied down to look like a suckling pig with a red ball gag in his mouth and a pigtail anal plug in his ass. He’d even tied a big red bow around his stomach.

“Now all the coal makes sense!” Elise exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Merry Lil Christmas, my underlings.”

“Thank you, Bad Santa!”

Mason grinned, stepping back to pet ass mutt the red-nosed reindeer.

“And for my special mutt. A bone…er. No chewing.”

Ass mutt grinned up at him. “Best Christmas ever, Master.”

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