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For your convenience, we have tried to make a visually fast way for you to determine whether a book contains the things you like, love, or haven’t dipped your toes into yet. Also, to sift out what is not in your kink repertoire.

These buttons will be featured at the top of the page presenting one of our books. A few may not be so easily recognized, so you may always refer to this page to see what description is behind the button.

This whip means someone’s going to be on the painful end of it, whether consensually or non-consensually. The button represents all tools that can be used to inflict pain by being hit with, canes, paddles, electrical cords, leather strips tied together, or something as simple as a bouquet of stinging nettle.


Some form of puppyplay or ponyplay for that matter. Any that will dehumanize the subject by mask and other transformational disguises, not including sissyfication.


Ass play. This counts any tool to play with an asshole. Dildos, figging, bottles, bowling pins…anything that fits into an ass.



Twincest, yet this button also includes brothers.



Self-explanatory, I think. Anything tentacle.



Restraints. Whether willingly or unwillingly, someone’s going to find themselves restrained either a little or a lot!


Dystopian. A world gone to shit. A society destroyed. A battlefield for those left alive.


No, no cannibalism on page. But the good doctor is best known for being a master manipulator, so this button indicates top-shelf mind-fucking going on.


The Saint Andrew Cross—a classic symbol and a must in any dungeon or BDSM club. If indicated alone, the cross indicates torture, and not the kind one willingly submits to. If the X is represented next to the BDSM logo, the pain may be part of consensual play, but in our genres, that’s not a given.

Dystopian world with no law and order, and if it has it, someone’s gonna fight it.



Someone will find themselves without autonomy, whether it’s been handed over willingly or taken by force.


Paranormal, werewolves or vampires or anything else that bites as part of what they are.


Monster button. Zombies, hybrids, aliens, anything xenophilia goes under this button.


BDSM          The international BDSM logo means the actual representation of this community.


ALIEN         Anything off world. Sci fi. Also, alien experiments and stuff.


MEDICAL   Anything that has to do with something medical. Could be body modification, experimentation, have a doctor’s profession be part of the main focus.


Fetishism. In all it’s forms, shapes, levels, and kinkiness.



MPREG Male pregnancies in whatever way the atuhor can think up.


EGG Like Mpreg, except this is egglaying men or men incubating eggs or larva or whatever in whatever way the author can think up.

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