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Dear Author

You’ve been sent this link because you’ve submitted a book for us to publish, and we’ve said yes. We look forward to working with you, and we hope for many years of happy cooperation and many lovely and kinky books ahead.

We know that it can be difficult to hand over everything, and we want to let you feel like you still hold power in the final expression of your book. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of cover artists whose portfolios are linked to below. Find the one that you want to work with–the one whose style represents your book the best.

We’ve established a cooperation with all of them, the packages we buy including an e-book cover, a print jacket, and three promo images–one being a banner for you to use on your social media pages to maximize visual lure.

Should you have fallen in love with a particular artist that is not listed, please, send us a link, and we will contact the artist to see if we can establish a line of communication. We appreciate your input.

Zoe Perdita

May Dawney

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