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Series Blurb: Dark Empire – Meraki P. Dark 

A sinister dark web niche for bored rich people with a depraved need to watch sexual decadences have put their money into a project to give them just that. High-end entertainment with lots of violence and lots of sex.
The gladiators have three things in common: They’ve been kidnapped, pumped full of drugs to enhance their strength and stamina, and nobody would ever miss them. Except Duncan who ended up strapped to a lab table as a result of mixed identities.

Colosseum of Lust 200x300

Colosseum of Lust – Dark Empire #1 – Meraki P. Dark – April 3rd, 2020

Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control; these three alone lead life to sovereign power. ~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Since childhood, three personality traits had been attributed to Duncan: Intelligent, determined, and brave. And soon, he’ll marry his geeky fiancé while his best friend and colleague stands next to them. All that come in handy when he wakes up in a nightmare beyond anything that he could have ever dreamt up himself.

He’s going to need that intelligence and courage to get through this. He’s going to need that dedication and love from his fiancé and best friend. And the determination to turn that hell on the ones who put him there.


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Hell Revised 200x300

Hell Revised – Dark Empire #2 – Meraki P. Dark – May 19th, 2020

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. ~ Abraham Lincoln

Dr. Malcom had always known it was a risk whenever they kidnapped someone. He’d always known, yet the importance of his research took precedence. Just how dangerous it was to get Duncan Campbell onto his table turned out far worse than the doctor had imagined, though. He always knew there was something special about Duncan. The only question now was whether Dr. Malcom still believed that the research was worth it, considering he’d created his own monster.

Duncan and Alex had looked forward to a wedding and a quiet life together. A mix up turned all that around, and their love and devotion is put to the ultimate test as Duncan has to fight his way out from a drug that makes him a danger to the man he loves. And everyone else for that matter. But some guys have it coming.


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Nightmare Dream 200x300

A Nightmare for Your Dream – Dark Empire #3 – Meraki P. Dark – July 1st, 2020

All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come~Victor Hugo

When Robert was but a small child, he saw how sickness tore apart his family—either from the disease itself or by the sorrow and financial burden of the US Healthcare System.
Left with nothing as a ward of the State, Robert found what would ultimately shape his life—the innate desire to cure what had killed his sisters and destroyed his family.

As Robert grew older, that goal intensified to a point where selling the use of his body to save up for tuition seemed like a good idea.

But one man’s bid outweighed everyone else’s. He’d trade Robert the means to fulfilling his dream. All Robert had to do was to willingly submit to a nightmare.

For the time it would take the 19-year-old man to become a doctor, he’d live with the old man and service ever depraved need demanded of his body. With his eye on the ball, Robert accepts, but with his eye on the ball, Robert doesn’t see that more than his body is being used and shaped to fulfill the old man’s wants and needs.


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Shifting power 200x300

Shifting Power – Dark Empire #4 – Meraki P. Dark – August 15th, 2020

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power. ~Lao Tzu

To save his life’s work, Dr. Malcom shares everything he knows with the man who holds it all in the palm of his hand. He even submits fully to let the man know what power he holds.
For someone not having learned what Dr. Malcom did while fighting to become the doctor he is today, power can be dangerous, and Dr. Malcom will once again do anything to make sure his dream survives.

But the rich people who want their entertainment aren’t too thrilled at Dr. Malcom dropping the ball, and one of them takes drastic measures to ensure his investment in the Dark Empire.

Duncan and Axel are slowly settling into a life with a bleak future compared to what they’d planned. No one knows what the future holds for them, so they decide to build a new one. One that revolves around the doctor who made Duncan into an incubus. If anyone can save Duncan and Axel’s future, it’s him. Having to go to extreme measures just for the hope of that to be possible is a price they’re willing to pay for love. But that price isn’t simple or pretty, and their world view continues to be challenged as the doctor’s true nurture is revealed. Their enemy isn’t who they thought.


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Ring of lust 200x300

Ring of Lust – Dark Empire #5 – Meraki P. Dark – coming September 29th, 2020

Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice. ~Ayn Rand

Another victim landed himself with the Colosseum before Duncan managed his goal. Someone showing strength like Duncan. But Oliver didn’t have the background and support system to make it out alone. His last chance is Dr. Malcom and the painful philosophies he teaches.

To everybody’s surprise, Dr. Malcom’s philosophies work. His hard work and steely focus on his goals help those around him find hope for a future that doesn’t entail all the pain they escaped at the Colosseum. But only one man is capable of seeing the full picture. The mastermind of it. That’s not enough, though. Dr. Malcom needs his heirs to grow more powerful than himself, and he will stop at nothing and give anything to see them rise.

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