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Dear new author at Taboo BooxXx

To give you a good start, please take a moment and read through this document. It’s some of our accumulated knowledge over the years, and we’ve tried to boil it down to something essential and manageable when just starting out branding your author name.

Ideas for new authors

Your author name is a brand, and it needs to be out there for people to begin to recognize it. Also, your logo. If you don’t have one, then settle on a color/color coordination that you’ll keep as the colors will then be something recognizable when you finally settle on a logo.

Branding is a marathon, not a sprint.

Brand recognition is about establishing a relationship of trust with your potential readers to help make them feel safe to become a returning customer.

The one-click fans are one-clickers because they trust that the brand puts out something they like.

More importantly, in the Social Media era, authors/brands need to be accessible and a professionally smiling bunch. Readers love when they can banter with their favorite authors, and you need them to repeat your brand/name to others to help build your reputation as someone putting out quality work in your genre.

One can easily drown in all the marketing possibilities out there, so here’s a good beginner’s list for a new author beginning their branding. Best of all, these are LOW PRICE! But they take a lot of time.

First of all, you need to know exactly what you’re selling, and it isn’t your book. It’s a product, yes, but you need to sell your authorship, meaning every future book. That’s why we focus on your name/brand, and not the covers of your latest book, even though they’re very important, too. Your brand is a business, and you must know what you want people to say about your business. It’s the most important key element in branding. Know what you want people to say about your business.

A Facebook profile for the Pseudonym

A Facebook page for the Pseudonym

A Facebook Group for your readers

Taboo BooxXx and staff will Friend, Like, and Join your group and market you on all our social media platforms and in our Newsletter.

We’ll help make your new pseudonym (brand) profile one that people know isn’t a scammer just because there are only a few friends on there. This will be done by tagging you in many posts to have you interact and be seen. Just be you and kind and friendly and goofy and whatever will leave a positive impression. Remember, you are now a business.

We’ll help set up promotion possibilities like takeovers in groups, and help strengthen your network to other authors and bloggers to help with exposure. The I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine is important in this genre, and we have a wonderfully tight-knit community to do just that.

We’ll help make teasers for your books for you to share, but you’re more than welcome to make your own! We can send you our logo to put onto your own teasers so that people know where to find them.

You are expected to market yourself at least as hard as we are. We are always available to help you out and brainstorm ideas for promotion opportunities.

A Twitter handle

Taboo BooxXx is still building this platform, but we use the hashtag #TabooBooxXx and will retweet everything. We hope you’ll do the same, of course.

A Newsletter list is very valuable! Not everybody has it in them to put out one a month, but consistency here is key. Just remember to write what you as a reader would love to see. Here, the back scratching cane be used optimally by adding new releases of other authors in your genre into your newsletter and have them do the same, thus letting their readers know of a new name to be followed and looked up.

The tight knit community that is the MM authors usually don’t see each other as competitors but colleagues. Gaining a good reputation as being a good colleague is gold.

A website

This doesn’t have to be a big, flashy, and professional thing from the get go! Building a brand luckily means you have some time, and while we’re working on getting your book ready, we’ll be working on your branding. You have that time to get something simple up and running that you can further with time.


As soon as your book is up for preorder, we will create the book on Goodreads. You can then claim an author profile and have it linked. Make sure to support us by friending our profile and the profiles of your fellow BooxXx authors.


At the moment, due to KDP being asshats, we’re banned on Amazon. We expect this to change as soon as the publishing house is established under Danish law as a legitimate business with tax number and everything, and we’ll then create a business profile on Amazon. They can’t deny us then.  At that point, you’d then be able to claim your author profile there. We’ll help you when the time comes.

Last but not least, we’ve made a group on Facebook solely for BooxXx Authors to get help from us, brainstorm ideas, and help each other market their books. This group will be for the staff of Taboo BooxXx and the authors signed with us. We believe in unity and that we rise to a challenge better if we stand together.

These are the beginnings. Even though they seem like a mouthful, then go through them at your own pace and get a feel for it.

Later, more promotional avenues for you test out will discussed in the BooxXx Authors group. And, if you find one, you’re more than encouraged to share them with us, too!

A Website.

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