Preferred Formatting Template

Please follow these instructions:

Fonts: Times New Roman or Book Antiqua

Size: 12

First page:



Pseudonym (if relevant)


Series (if relevant)

Your email address


Chapters must be centered and numbered like this: One, two, three etc. twenty-one, twenty-two etc.

Chapter titles are allowed just under the chapter number – also, names of point of view holder or whatever you use.


Second page:




For the content of the manuscript:

Set indentation under paragraphs – do not use tabs or spaces

Always use quotation markers (“[…]”) for dialogue, not an en-dash (–)

Use italics for direct thoughts or emphasis on words

Set for equal margins

Set for no distance between paragraphs

Do not add page numbers to the manuscript

Do not use Google Docs (it fucks up our formatting and uses no lube!)

Do not add text to header or footer

Do not use any fancy coloring or different fonts – all that’s for later. Your book should impress us by the story alone


We accept files in Word (docx and doc)



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