Submission Guidelines

Welcome and thank you for your interest in publishing with Taboo BooxXx

Whether you’re in the process of battling the muses to make it all fit or you have a darkling in the desk drawer that you’ve never dared show anyone then we’d like to hear from you. Or are you already comfortable in the genres? Show us what you’ve got!

But, before you do that, please read further below.

To pitch your idea, contact taboobooxxx AT gmail marked PITCH

To submit a book, send it to AE.booxxx AT gmail marked SUBMISSION

Currently, Taboo BooxXx publish e-books and paperbacks. Audio is in the works.


What we accept and focus on

We only accept digital submissions of original works with original characters (no fanfiction).

We accept books within the gay genre with elements of dark/kinky/fetish/taboo topics, but we look for plot. Everything needs a reason.

We focus on strong world building, engaging plots, and deep characters.

We love exploring the dark/kinky/fetish/taboo, and we’re not faint of heart. BUT!

We will not accept material showcasing children (under the age of 18) in sexual situations. Retelling briefly that a character battles with sexual abuse as a child can of course be paramount to the story, but it must not be on page/explicit.

We will not accept material promoting pedophilia.

We will not accept stories about necrophilia with actual dead bodies but exploring the fantasy of being helpless is okay.

We will not accept stories with bestiality, but shifter sex where one is in animal form is okay.

Each topic riding the lines will be reviewed individually since we know that every topic sometimes requires a certain insight to be relevant. But it must be just that: relevant to the story.

We try to get back to you as soon as possible, and we try to give complete feedback when denying a book. Workloads can mean we don’t always succeed in that.

Upon receiving your manuscript, we will need up to four weeks to assess the submitted material.

Before sending, make sure you’ve polished that baby as best you can. If you’re a second language writer, let us know. It will not make us flat out reject you! The founder of this company is Danish and needed help, too. We have good resources to help you improve, but please seek out that help by joining our Facebook group where we interact actively with readers and authors alike.

Please download and follow our preferred formatting template. We read a lot of books, and continuity eases the workload for us from start to finish.

With the manuscript, please attach a bio, a short description of your work, whether it’s a series or a stand-alone, approximate wordcount, whether the work has been published before (self-published or traditionally), and whether the dialect is US, UK, or AU.

We look forward to reading your story.

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