crossEverybody wants to see themselves represented in books; others want books to be a tool for escapism. We cater to the first mentioned readers, offering up the safe distance to their personal demons to see them punished.

Some readers luckily have a life filled with love and splendor, but to truly appreciate it, they seek out the darkness.

We cater to them, too.

And some readers are just kinky. They are more than welcome here, too! You will find no kink shaming here.

Except by Amazon. Yeah, the Zon is apparently afraid of monsters and banned our books.

endowment-200x300-1Did you know? Every dime made on Lil Harvest goes directly to furthering the financial background of House of Taboo BooxXx?

The author, Meraki P. Dark, donates every $ made, Laura McNellis edits them for free, and Bénédicte Girault from Men over the Rainbow sponsors the covers. The rest is up to you.

The series so far has 3 books out, #4 is on Laura’s desk, #5 is WIP, and the plots of #6 and #7 are taking shape.

For more information, please check out our booxXx section. If you want to support us more than buying all our books, please head over to Patreon.

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Come join our Facebook page to meet other dark readers and authors.

We have two groups, one for MM and one for MF. We don’t merely celebrate our own authors but all authors of the dark and taboo genres, and we host take-over parties with no given interval. We just party when we’re in the mood!




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